Reviews: 4X4 Products & Accessories! 

We depend heavily on the after market for basic upgrades and products, so we use our considerable resources to seek out after market products and accessories that are high in quality and won't break the bank. GDOR is in no way affiliated with any of the companies who's products are reviewed here.  If you have questions about any of the products featured here:



There are a few things that you will do to your Jeep that will  breed the need for additional upgrades.  Going to a bigger more aggressive tire is a biggy.  The question you have to ask yourself is where do you mount that full size spare?  Shop around and you'll will find that tire carriers are not cheap!  Most sell on average for about $700, Some sell for as much as a $1000!    Read

Drag you rear end up and over a rock and the end result will likely be a bent drive shaft, a busted u-joint or a broken pinion yoke!  Rocks Bite!  It can get very expensive.   If you haven't already, sooner or later your going to end up slapping a drive shaft against an immovable object.    Read

You need new seats!   YJ seats are so uncomfortable!  After a while the YJ seat back tends to give and bend.  I've heard stories from TJ owners about how the foam in the seat breaks down so it feels like your sitting sideways.  It's time for new seats!  The number of replacement seats available in today's after market is dizzying!  Read

We just love to accessorize our Jeeps don't we.  It's a Jeep thing, you understand?  Sure you do!   Recently, while glancing through a non-Jeep related magazine,  I spotted what may be the coolest way to personalize your vehicle.   Check out this little beauty.  It screams, adventure, the great outdoors, Jeep!  Fish on!

Our prayers have been answered! 

The crewbed is a fully stow-able, functional truck bed for Jeep Wranglers.  Tote around appliances, tables, small desks, camping gear, mountain bikes, and even full sized motorcycles. Read

Ammo cans are great for toting tools in and they are waterproof, can take a beating, and are easy to transport. They can also become lethal projectiles in a rollover. Fat Boy Tactical sells a surplus HMMWV mount, two straps, and two decent used ammo cans for a mere $30. The mount is 3/16-inch  aluminum angle and electroplated black. Call: Fat Boy Tactical @ 859/749-5659

One of the most important safety upgrades for any Jeeper who pushes the envelope will be upgrading your roll bar!   Our search began at local fab shops for quotes and ideas...  It looked like it was truly capable of holding up in a roll over situation.   Read

A  mandatory item for any wheeling trip is a fire extinguisher!  These guys have come up with a few custom aftermarket accessories for your Jeep to make these things convenient and handy in an emergency.    Let's face it, when you need it, you need it NOW!  Read



Viking Tire Repair Kit is a comprehensive kit that includes all the tools needed for most emergency tire repair situations. Best of all it is compact.

Easy 3-Step Process That Plugs Holes in Tires To Get You Back Home! Read