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I can't begin to tell you how hysterical I am that someone has finally come up with the one thing that I wish I had about a hundred times!  What you're looking at here is basically an adda - trunk slash truck bed slash third arm slash wish come true!

The following comes directly from their web site which best describes this product:

The crewbed is a fully stowable, permanent mounted, functional truck bed for Jeep Wranglers.
The bed is mounted behind the back seat when not in use, but folds out to deliver a working bed space of 37" X 54" with the back seat in, 37" X 72" with the seat folded up and 37" X 80" with the back seat out. This space is more than enough for appliances, tables, small desks,camping gear, mountain bikes, and even full sized motorcycles. No Jeep on the planet can do what this can do.
The crewbed is made right here in the USA out of durable square steel tubing and powder coated for protection, and comes in many colors.
And with the optional soft top covers, your load is fully protected from the weather.
The Crewbed is currently available for TJ and YJ Jeep models.

           Yes...you did just read "optional soft top cover"... Read on...

Introducing the Crewbed SoftTop accessory. Tough, lightweight, and allows you to keep your crewbed in use for extended periods of time without worry of the weather. This also includes a bed liner to protect from debris and fumes.


The "Crewbed" sells for $495 and the optional soft top lists for $349! 

Log onto their site and shop for yourself plus check out the hotty modeling the product, bonus!  Crewbed.com